Josephine is our first Kenya "daughter".  She came into our lives in early 2004, where we learned that she needed financial support to be able to continue high school.  She graduated from high school in December of 2005, and entered university in the  fall of 2006.  Oddly, the elementary and secondary school year is January-December, while most colleges and universities begin their year in the fall as do we here in the U.S.

We met Josphine and her father during our trip farewell dinner in 2004.  She was quite shy then.  Nowadays we find quite a different young woman; outgoing and self-confident.  She's taking two majors at the same time - business planning and accounting.



Josphine graduated the end on 2006.  We had the distinct pleasure of hosting a hosting a small graduation party for her and here family at "Roasters", a family cabaret in Nairobi.



In 2006, we sat down with Josphine and her father to plan for further education.  The Hope organization was our conduit for funding only through secondary school.  We are now supporting her in university directly.  We've lost the tax write-off, which is a disappointment,   but when we see how she's progressing, both academically and personally, she's a great investment.  We are very proud of her.