Our Kenya Kids
Josphine Lillian Danny Hope Orphanage School



Between our first and second Kenya safari, we learned of the needs of youngsters who want to pursue an education beyond elementary school, especially the plight of the girls.  Joy and I are grateful to have been allowed to become part of the lives of some very special young people.

We have also been blessed to be able to visit our kids each time we've been to Kenya, and because of that, we've been able to get to know these wonderful young people (and they us) as well as the chance to meet their families.  Aaron Shaha, a dear Kenyan friend, always helps us make time, even if we can only find an afternoon, to see our kids.  Our hope is that they see us as friends who only want to share a bit of our good fortune with their daughters or son, and just maybe help out a bit in a country that has been a true friend of the U.S.

Our Kenya Kids



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