Ethan, Paige, & Colin



Here they are!  Ethan, Paige, and Colin Shea!

Updates on the threesome.  They have really grown since we last reported here. .


February 2008, Grandma and Grandpa Visit...  

    At an indoor racetrack

    Melissa, Matt, and the Kids

    At Paige's Girl Scout exhibit, foods from around the world

Our hostess

Paige's troop does Greece

Signing in...

A yummy exhibit

Girls need a break

Samoa snacking

So, tea and biscuits, anyone?

Very interesting foods from Vietnam

Ach du lieber!

Snackin', chattin', and strollin'

Colin's thinking: yea, food!



Colin Shows His Stuff

A Thanksgiving Visit

Matt and Melissa gathered up the kids and came out this past Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful week to hang out with them.

A touch of snow - time for play

Colin trying for a snowball

Winter is fun for kids

Paige at the brink

Colin at the zoo

Paige and Mary

Trooping the Desert Dome

Mutilating pennies

The ol' rope bridge

High up in the Rainforest

Kids in a bubble

Brothers and sister

Really a thankful day

Paige, Dad & Colin

Other side of the table

Ethan: and just what IS this?

Paige, the rose amongst the thorns (brothers)

Colin is ready to EAT!



Paige The Soccer Star...  

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