Danny's story is pretty amazing.

Once again, we were on a Hope safari in January of 2006, checking schools and our students.  Aaron had heard about a young man who was earning a little money selling ice cream and water at the main matatu (minivan buses) stop in Kilifi (hence, the nickname "ice cream boy").  His father had been killed, and he had given up further schooling to help support his mother and younger sister.  We showed up in town and Aaron located the boy, offering him a full scholarship via Joy and I.  At first, he was unsure of just what we were up to, but finally realized that we were the real deal.  The good part was that because he was going to school, the community would take up helping out his mother and sister.

A week later, we returned to the area, and with Danny in tow, we hit the shops in Mombasa.  He needed everything:  all school supplies and grooming supplies, clothes, shoes, uniform, books, whole enchilada.  After a very busy morning, we had a brief lunch and then drove him up to the school, high in the hills above the coastal area.  It was the last day that he could arrive.  We got him registered and settled in for his school year.  As we left, he was still trying to come to grips with all that had happened.  And a big smile finally graced his handsome face.

Once again, trinket cash came in handy.  Plastic also buys souvenirs, as it turns out.

2006 - We meet "Ice Cream Boy", get Danny outfitted, and situated at his new school...


2007 - We return to see Danny again

Second year - doing very well

Danny in class

Danny's math teacher explains the problem

Reconstruction of the school - repairing the old church to be a new library

Bricks - handmade on premises

Joy checks out the new bakery house

Soup's on!