Kids & Grandkids
Ethan, Paige, & Colin Mary Elizabeth



They are, of course, just the greatest!

Even though they are grown and so on their own, we still delight in our daughters' personal growth and especially our darling grandchildren.  Laura (and her John) and Victoria are close by, so it's easy to keep tabs on what's going on with them.  Melissa and Matt are farther away out in Everett, Washington, but we make sure that we remain in their lives.

Vicki lives in a nearby town - excuse that, Omaha has recently annexed her town, so we're all Omahans now.  She is so busy with work at a large pharmaceutical facility and her busy social life (with a certain Steve), she doesn't have the time to visit as often as she (and we) would like.

Of course, when you get to our age, one on life's greatest pleasures is grandchildren.  We are still at four, Melissa's and Matt's three and Laura's and John's little one.  They grow so fast.  If you want, take a look at some recent pictures.

Ethan, Paige & Colin - Melissa and Matt's threesome - Ethan is the oldest, with ever-adorable Paige in the middle, and Colin, the youngest.

Mary Elizabeth - our newest grandbaby, she has captured all our hearts.  Joy and I have the good fortune, because Laura and John live only a few blocks away, to be able to have her with us during the week as her parents work.  And now we have the time to really watch her grow.