Hope for Kenya's Kids:

On our trip in 2003, we learned of Hope for Kenya's Kids, a small group of people who provide the needed support to girls (and some boys) so that they can complete their high school education.  As of now, we support three students:  Josphine and Lillian who are attending University , and Daniel, who is in his third year of high school. 

The Hope organization provides support only through high school.  However, we so believe in our students that Joy and I decided to support them through college should they wish to attend.  We are no longer an active part of Hope, but we continue our dedication in support of our "kids".   We think of all of them as our kids, even though many are now young adults, or nearly so. 


A Graduation Party...

In February last year (2007) we attended a graduation party for 2006 Hope seniors at Aaron's house in Kilifi.  It was quite a bash, complete with Giryama tribal dancers.


Some of the Kids being helped...