There are Websites that we love to use as a family.  Here are the most significant ones:

  •   Support for the people of Africa is now fashionable.  Celebrities are into sub-Saharan Africa in a big way.  It seems that we were ahead of their time, but of course not in their finance league.  However, every little bit helps    - provides financial support for high school students, primarily girls                 - one-to-one microloans to people in Africa, it's amazing what just a few dollars will do

  •   And for all those safaris, we trust Tropical Woods Adventures to get it right, every time.

  •   If we aren't going to Africa, there's a couple of travel companies that we have found to be excellent!  We always check with their offerings when making our tour plan             - our friend Jim Wiedeman at Bungey Travel in Los Angeles.  We always use his services when we need to be creative

               - many US and Canada tours, plus international tours

           - first rate tours - first class prices

           - discovered them on the Yangtze - they also do Europe

  •   Reference sites we find useful in our travels:     -        great pictures and descriptions of African wildlife                     -        universal currency converter   -        general measurement conversion tool  -  UN Cartographic resource - In case you end up in France J

    or, for the full treatment: