Mary Elizabeth



Precious Mary

You can see the most current pictures of our littlest grandchild at her dad's Web site


Easter egg hunting at Grandma's and Grandpa's


February and March...

I'm sooo cute!

OK, these are my serious eyes

Climbing on things IS my thing

Me and my other puppy

Morgan is nice and soft (and patient)

Oh well, back to work


Christmas Time - Let's Choose a Tree While It's Still Decently Warm

Dad & Me at the old barn

Hey! They gots cows here!

Off we go to find the right tree

This stroller sucks in the rough

Mom, I think I'll try walking

Dad has to get some pictures too!

This is it! This be the one!

On my own - Who got the levelling contract?

Trees to you, forest to me

So maybe some wild flowers too!

That's it. We be done choosing

Hey! Is that Comet we see?

Or maybe Blitzen


At the Pumpkins Patch, then Carving the Jack


At Great Uncle Bob's and Aunt Donna's House in the Summer

Hanging with Great Aunt Donna

Somebody in Boise Loves Me!

Great Joke!

My Great Uncle Bob is really really great!

Help me with this cake, Dad

Time for a time-out

Aunt Donna wants to spoil me

Love the hat!

Part of my posse

Milanovich posse

We visit old Idaho City

Main Street in Idaho City

This is cousin Bob and Kathleen

We stroll the boardwalk

Help! Jail isn't for us cuties!


3 November 2006

We Welcome Our Newest Grandbaby, Mary Elizabeth Wray!

Mary Elizabeth, henceforth known as:  Mary, came into Laura's and John's life, as well as into ours, at  3:25AM, on 03 November 2006.  She weighed in at a healthy 8.4 lbs, and was 20 1/2 inches long (tall? but she was laying down).  As we expected, she is a little angel, and is definitely the apple of her mom's and dad's eyes.  Of course, she's getting way more than her share of the attention right now, as well she should.

And so, here's the little angel...

Laura and her Angel

Beautiful Mary

Mom and baby

Mary, you are SO welcome!

Mary sings as Laura looks on (get used to it)

Grandma Joy and the little star

Grandpa David gets a chance to hold baby

So peaceful

Hello, Aunt Vicki

We love ya, kid!

Grandma Susan is captured by angel love

Aunt Susan and friend

OK, fun's over. Now for the big yawn

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